License your Data

Licentia is a suite of services to support you in looking for a suitable license for your data. Select the service you need from the list below!

Find a license for your Data

Check if a license is compatible with your needs

Visualize & download licenses

Convert your License to RDF

Use this service to find the perfect license for your work. You only have to mark what permissions, obligations and prohibitions you would like to associate to the use and reuse of the data. Licentia returns the list of licenses compatible with the selected conditions.

Use this service to check if the license you want to use for your data allows for a certain use or reuse of the data. You choose one license among our licenses repository and a set of conditions. Licentia tells you wether the license is compatible with the selected conditions.

Once you find the license your are looking for, you will be able to download it in RDF (Turtle syntax) to attach it to your data. Moreover, you can visualize a graph-based representation of the license using our licenses visualizer.

Try out our tool to transform your licensing terms from natural language to RDF (Turtle syntax). Our Natural Language License to RDF (or NLL2RDF) tool uses machine learning algorithms to turn the licensing terms in English to an RDF file.